Awesome bonuses, but…

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Sometimes bonuses are just shitty PLR products without any value. (PLR can be good, but I’m talking bad PLR here.)

At rare times, the bonuses are really awesome, like in this case.

One of the bonuses if you get “Buy Our Future” right now is called Rapid List Building, and it’s a course by Bryan Harris.

Here’s the content:

Module 1: Laying the Foundation and Getting 1st Subscriber This is where you learn how to properly get your internal systems set up to handle the growth you’re going to experience in the coming modules. Module 1 is the foundation that the rest of the course is built upon. Once you have Module 1 under your belt, you’re ready to move on to the meat of the course, found in Modules 2 through 4.

Module 2: Getting 100 Email Subscribers Here’s where you’ll not only learn HOW to get your first 100 email subscribers, but you’ll also learn a brain-dead simple strategy to hit that goal in your first week! I’ll also teach you scalable long-term strategies that you can set in place to sustain your list growth over time.

Module 3: Growing from 100 to 500 Subscribers Getting your first 100 subscribers is one thing, but increasing your growth 5x and getting to 500 requires a little more OOMPH. In Module 3 you’ll learn how to leverage your list and use a marketing giveaway to quickly grow to 500 subscribers

You also get the entire course syllabus in one simple checklist.

While this is a great course about list building, I have three important things to tell you about it:

  1. You can use the principles for all other things you do. Not just for list building. It is a life-changing concept.
  2. Every module contains action steps. You’re highly encouraged to take action, plus there are built-in accountability in those steps.
  3. All of the bonuses, including this one, are removed tomorrow. If you get access now, you’ll keep the bonuses.

Let me repeat this so you don’t overlook it:

All those bonuses are expiring today at 2pm PST (if Bing’s right, it’s 5pm EST)

Is Rapid List Building worth the price? No. But it’s only one of the bonuses, and only one of the many main products, you can get your hands on, when you get “Buy Our Future”. My personal favorite is Teachery. That product alone was worth the price to me. What’s yours?

Check everything you get here

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