Ha! My first list mail ever

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Isn’t that funny? While I searched for something else I’d written, I found the first mail I ever sent to a real list.

It’s in Danish, but check the date: March 16, 2003 => malka.im/firstmail

I’ve been writing emails to my lists at least once a week for more than 14 years now.

Time has passed fast, and I’ve learned a lot since I started, but there’s one thing I’ve done since day one:

Worked on making it easy.

That email, the first one, was pure text. No fancy HTML with pictures and stuff. No, clean text and a message.

To make it easy and save time, I came up with templates that I changed over time. Templates that meant that I just had to fill in the blanks.


Intro here.

Ad here.

Tip here.

Ad here.


Over the years, I’ve tweaked those templates to make them better and to fit the content and the target audience better.

I rarely share those templates. But lately, I’ve shared one, because I believe it is useful no matter what niche you’re into.

The cool thing about it is that it works to get opens and clicks, and that it works on social media sites like Facebook or Google plus as well.

Take a look here http://malka.biz/siboc

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