If I were Cinderella

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The clock struck midnight, and I thought, “Oh, no!”

Then I ran as fast as I could. Away from the prince and all his charm. Down the stairs.

Down the slippery, rainy wet stairs in my glass shoes (which weren’t really glass shoes, that’s a translation error, but that’s another story).

There, at the bottom of the stairs, I found my self in a puddle of mud. Broken shoes, shattered dreams.

All because I hadn’t kept track of time.

(If you get this mail twice, it’s because you’re on my Writer’s list as well as my Money-online list.)

It could have been a true story, and it is true that I almost missed this time limit. And a great sale.

My good friend and fellow writer Bart Hennin is having a SPRING SALE – A WHOPPING 60% OFF for not one but FOUR of his BEST money making courses!

And I nearly missed it.

If you know Bart, you know ALL of his courses get tons of excellent reviews and that he WAY OVER DELIVERS even at FULL price! So I definitely wanted to let you know about his HUGE SALE!

But alas, Bart’s sale was virtually over before I could share it with you :(…Grrrr!!

I asked him for a second chance… and he said yes 🙂

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