The hard way or the easy?

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Seven years ago, in March actually, I participated in an affiliate challenge made by the Rhodes Brothers.

That was a huge fiasco. One of the brothers was still working full time in a job when it started, and they were supposed to show us how to make $10,000 in one month.


Most participants dropped out, because they asked us to write 25 articles per week, and to comment on 150 forum posts.

All that crazy amount of work to get backlinks.

Did it work?

Yes, I managed to rank my site for the keyword “money making ideas” but the price was steep. I worked 8 hours daily on that challenge and didn’t get anything else done.

After that, I gave up doing backlinks. Even though I knew they worked.

Today, that all changes.

Thanks to RankCipher by my countryman Tom Yevsikov and his team, getting backlinks is a question of clicking, dragging, and setting up campaigns once.

I’ve tried it, and it’s definitely the tool I’m going to use in the future.

SEO guys are raving about it. I’ve been too lazy to do SEO, but this is the tool to use, if you have some kind of money site or anything you want search-engine traffic for.

Take a look here

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