Women use hammers

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Women can fix anything with a hammer.

True or not?

I don’t know, but I do know that I was once the proud owner of a pink hammer. And a miniature screwdriver set.

Whether or not you only own a hammer or a ton of tools, as a marketer there’s ONE tool you MUST have.

An auto-responder.

The problem with that, as a beginner, is that you have to spend at least $15 per month, often more, even for a small list of 20 subscribers, and even with the best marketing efforts you can’t cover these expenses with such a tiny list.

You can solve that problem by having your own self-hosted auto-responder. I’ve had that for years for several reasons:

  • A good one will do more for you than Aweber or GetResponse can offer.
  • You’re in control. You won’t be told that you can’t add that subscriber or use that subject line. You’re in full control.
  • It’s cheaper. Like MUCH cheaper. Sometimes it means paying zero per month. I pay around $5 per month for sending mails through my auto-responder, I mail three lists daily.

My auto-responder is kind of complicated to use and not beginner friendly. So I’m constantly checking for better options that I know will help you.

Today, I discovered such an option, and I’m installing it right now as I write this. I’ll let you know more about it later.

The reason I write to you now is that there’s an early bird discount.

It’s called MailZingo and it’s sold by Dr. Amit Pareek. He answered a bunch of my more techie questions about MailZingo, and it looks like a great product that is really helpful even to more experience email marketers. It can work and be very simple, but also do advanced stuff. Looks like a winner.

But I won’t waste more of your time. Make sure to use the discount code earlybird30 when checking out, if you want the pro version.

Go and check the early bird prices here http://malka.im/mailzingo

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