How to get a 100% opening rate of your emails

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True story: When I wrote my computer tips and tricks in Danish, I often had higher than 100% opening rate.

Sometimes it went down to around 80%. Then I would send my list a mail, tell them how much time I spent on writing those tips, and threaten to stop mailing.

It worked, every time 😉

But what do you do, if you can’t threaten your list to open your mails? Here’s a short list:

  1. Pay your subscribers $1 for each mail they open.
  2. Only send mails to family and friends, who long to hear from you.
  3. Kick out everyone who don’t open your emails.
  4. Use SIBOC the magical email template.

While the first three tips will work, I’m not sure they are in your best interest. Tip #4, on the other hand, is worth gold. And money. You won’t get a 100% opening rate, though. My own latest record is 38%, and with a niche standard around 10%, I’m happy with that result.

Check it out here

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