How to get a review copy even from the most arrogant vendors

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When I started out with affiliate marketing, I had a huge advantage: I wrote books for IDG Books.

I used that without shame to get review copies of expensive software and courses. Wonderful 😉

But what about you?

What if you don't have that kind of leverage?

And why would you need a review copy at all?

Not because it's free

If you think it's good to get review copies, because it saves you some money, you're where I was when I started.

Ha! 😀

And you would be wrong. Sure, it's good to get a product for free, but trust me: In a few years you'll think, “oh, no, another review access? Oh my gosh, I wish I could outsource this.”

Yeah, the free products are nice, but they are there for another reason than for you to save money. They are there to get better at reviewing them AND (here's the real important part) tell your followers about them, so you can make a commission.

Sure, you can buy the products, but that means that you'll have to wait until everybody else can buy. It won't give you the advantage of being able to review it and have your review ready for when the product launches.

Anyway, some vendors are really stupid

I've met a few of those. They guard their precious review copies as if their lives depended on keeping them to themselves. That's stupid, and they make fewer sales. But what do you do, if you really, REALLY, really want to promote such a product?

You use the method Lenny Rowell shares in his training. I've used some of this points in the past, but I learned a few new methods as well. It's great.

Affiliate Takeover is more than that, though

The training is a complete system, great for new affiliates without a list. It will show you how to find the best products to promote, those with the best conversion. And how to get a review copy, how to review the product, and how to get traffic and sales. It will even tell you how to build your list, which should be your end goal, always.

The videos are short, clear, well-done. No coffee-slurping, no coughing, no sniffing or sneezing. Great videos. Pleasant to watch. Lenny has put a lot of work and passion into this product. It's great.

But I've already written enough as it is, so I'll send you directly to the sales page. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Otherwise get more details here

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