He who is wolf is wolf

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Every Thursday, my husband and I listen to the Israeli top 20, and at the top right now is an interesting song.

The text is simple. It says that he who doesn't sleep, doesn't dream. And he who doesn't dream, gets angry. And the angry stay angry.

Then it goes on to talk about he, who doesn't eat, starves. And he who starves, becomes a wolf.

He who is wolf is wolf.

Something primitive happens to us if we don't have our needs covered. That's why so many people (wrongly) assume that it's good to have a job.

They think it offers them safety. And it does. Until they are laid off.

But what about working for yourself?

It's definitely not easier. You face other challenges, but it's much more agreeable to work for yourself than to work for somebody else.

You decide when you want to work, and when you don't, and herein lies the danger.

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