Husband’s cooking

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Who’s doing the cooking at your house?

Here it’s Cyril. He also empties the dishwasher. I stuff it and clean the kitchen. And this morning, while doing this task, I started to think.

Not much else to do, right?

I thought about how even beginners can actually team up with others and do what they are best at. Like my husband cooks, and I fill the dishwasher.

If you’re good at writing or creating videos, team up with someone who can write your sales letter, and the emails.

Then I thought, yes, that’s all good, but not the best solution.

In fact, the best skill you can and should obtain is copywriting. You don’t have to be an expert and sell your services to others (although it’s certainly a profitable option). But as long as you can write your own sales letters and emails, you’re good. You’re more than good.

If you should aim at only getting good at one thing, it should be copywriting.


Even if you think you’re the most hopeless case of the human kind, you can learn to get good enough at copywriting with the right teacher. And with training and repetition.

All that was what I thought of, and then the kitchen was clean, and I went back to writing.

Today, I have a pressie for you. It’s an ebook about an unknown sales letter that made sales for more than 2 billion dollars! And a surprising source to find excellent copywriting in a book you certainly have at least heard of.

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