How I finally broke through the 1k a month barrier

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For a long time when I first started out I couldn’t get my income past $1,000 a month

Yeah I know you might be saying ‘ahhh poor you’ if you’re not currently making that much yourself.

But I’d quit my job in 1995, and $1,000 didn’t quite cover our expenses if something happened. (Like my broken molar two days ago.)

I had a lot of sleepless nights and the more I worried the less effective I became.

You know what the problem was with my business?

I was trying to be someone else.

I had gotten as far as I could possibly go without being true to my own personality.

You just can’t be successful if you try to run your business in a way that isn’t really YOU and doesn’t suit your strengths and fix your weaknesses.

So I changed my thinking…

…and saw what I needed to change in my business to suit my personality.

And it worked.

I broke through my income barrier and I’ve never looked back since.

All because I totally turned my mindset around.

Not in some freaky ‘goal setting’ or ‘motivational’ way, but in a REAL LIFE, practical and common sense way.

In ‘Stuff’ (my nickname for my brand new product with Tony Shepherd) I’ll show you how I did and you can do it too.

(Tony has seen a lot of success with his coaching clients when they use these techniques too.)

What I’m offering YOU here today is simple – let me show you how to do the same

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