Leaking water

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Sigh. Our dishwasher is leaking water.

At first we thought we had to buy a new one, because it leaked a whole bucket of water each time it washed. I wasn’t keen at that.

It’s not the money, because they aren’t that expensive, but ordering them, waiting for a new machine to come, directing the delivery guys to the right place (they can never find our house)… All that circus.

Then my husband found out that the hose was broken. He bought a new one, and now the machine is only leaking very little. It might be due to the packing ring that has to be turned the other way.

Phew 🙂

Anyway, today I bought an interesting product. It’s one of those set-and-forget things, where you spend an hour on the setting part, and then you can profit for a long time after.

The sales page says that you need to spend $5 for each “hook” you set up, but you can actually do the work yourself (for traffic) if you’re on a low budget, and then start outsourcing for $5, once you have money rolling in.

It’s called Hookum, and the creator is a former plumber, who’s now making a living online with this method.

What I really like about it is that it’s so newbie friendly. I noticed that he explains things others leave out, because they assume people know it. Like how to connect a free gift to a squeeze page. That is so good to see.

Go and grab your copy here – it’s less than $8 http://malka.im/hookum

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