I threw water on my son

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When my son was three years old, I was a single-mom with two kids: Him and his 8-month-old little-sister.

After work, I would spend an hour+ in a train, and then I picked up my son at kindergarten. My means of transport was a bike, so I had to shop daily, too. After shopping, we drove home (another 30 minutes) to pick up my daughter.

One of those days, I was putting groceries in the fridge when my son kept begging me for something to drink. He was thirsty. I was tired.

I handed him a glass of water, and he refused. He wanted a soft drink.

I threw the water at him.

That surprised him, and he didn’t pull that stunt again. I know, I’m bad 😉 but I was truly overwhelmed and way too tired to be a television example of a mother who handles everything and smiles at her annoying brats.

You know what can feel overwhelming, too? Having to make an income online if you’re busy doing other stuff as well.

Creating an income stream takes time, because you have to create a lot of content. That means writing texts and creating or buying images.

If the thought of this alone makes you want to faint, then I have good news for you. One of my friends and colleagues, Amy Harrop, has just launched a new ebook that shows you 5 ways to create lazy income streams.

Sure, there is work involved. I don’t believe in Santa Claus or push-button-money-makers. But the workload is minimal.

Amy shows you how you can use public domain content to create five different income streams. I love all five, but even if you only like one of them, you get your money’s worth with this blueprint.

In fact, you should start out with one of them, not all of them at once, make it work, and when it’s up and running and only demands a minimum of maintenance, you can go on to the next.

With this product in hand, you can quickly setup 5 easy income streams…with 100% free content!

Here’s to quitting that feeling of being overwhelmed ==> http://malka.im/amypdprofits

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