Horse with one lung

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It’s funny how some things stick with you, right?

I remember a story I read as a kid. It was about a race horse that collapsed right after the end of the race it had just won.

It turned out that the brave horse had only one lung, and still, it had given everything it had to win.

I feel the same way about some books and courses. I keep returning to them, and every time they give me new insight.

Like this one…

If you plan to EVER do any paid advertising for your business, THIS could be your best investment ever…

This is not one of those “theory” courses showing you something that “could” work.

It is a detailed video course by Ron Douglas showing you how he gets 500+ opt-ins a day.

And he shows you how you can do this yourself by using $5-per-day campaigns on Facebook.

I’m taking the course myself and it is awesome.

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