Want 500 opt-ins a day?

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Can you imagine getting 500 TARGETED new subscribers daily?

That’s the kind of results Ron Douglas has seen. He’s been quietly generating over 500 leads per day with little $5 ads on Facebook.

He calls his system “Fiver Dollar Posts” and it’s getting him clicks for as low as $0.02.

I’ve previously promoted this, because I bought it myself and really loved it. He’s previously sold it as live coaching for $997, but now it’s down to a price that’s within everybody’s reach.

You might know Ron already. He’s a New York Times Best Selling Author who built a huge audience of over 250k subscribers online in evergreen niches such as cooking.

(He’ll even show you a peek at his Aweber account.)

He’s been on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, NBC News, Home Shopping Network and got a million dollar book deal with Simon & Schuster with over 1.4 million books sold.

This guy is the real deal — anything you can learn from him about list building, I suggest jump at the chance to do so.

Let him show you the proper way to build your list on Facebook without losing your shirt or getting your account banned…

Check it out if you have 2 minutes http://malka.im/ronfbads

P.S. Just think, at 500 leads a day, you could add over 50,000 new subscribers to your list in the next 100 days. How much additional
income would that make you?

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