Valentine’s fight

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Isn’t it sad when people fight on a day that’s supposed to symbolize love and friendship?

It surprised me to learn from a French restaurant owner that most of the couples who came there on Valentine’s Day, left the restaurant after an argument.

Still, fighting one day isn’t that bad. What makes me really sad is when I hear stories like the following.

One of my Facebook friends made a post about how he’d made some money online. And one of his friends, Paul, replied. He said that he’d never really made any income online, although he’d bought a ton of products, all promising him instant results. His wife grew more and more angry and kept asking him: When are you going to show something for all your work, and all the money you spend?

Of course, he couldn’t answer.

Joe is not alone. I’ve heard several other people, mostly men, complain about their wives being after them for wasting time and money on this Internet business.

They are on a constant quest for finding new $9.95 products that will help them finally make a living online.

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