I’m off to make gold

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What do you do in your spare time?

I play World of Warcraft in a lot of mine. There are many aspects of the game I like, and one of my favorites is making gold.

In the game, resources are unlimited, and gold is unlimited. That doesn’t mean that it’s easy to get, and yet…

Some people have thousands or hundreds of thousands, while others never have enough to pay for their repairs.

What’s the difference?


Poor players spend money in another way than rich players.

They also spend their time in other ways.

Poor players don’t think ahead, and they don’t have a schedule and do a little every day to make gold.

Sure, gold is not everything, but it’s fun to have, so you can buy cool mounts and stuff.

In real life, money is nice to have, because you can pay your rent, you can buy groceries, and you sleep well at night, knowing that your bills are covered.

That’s just what I had to share today. As I said, I’m off to make some gold now. Time to relax 🙂

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