Are you depriving yourself of the best?

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As I was updating Malka Club yesterday, I thought about you.

Yes, you, because you’re on my list for one or more of five reasons:

  1. You bought one of my products, and now you’re stuck here, not knowing how to get out.
  2. You want to learn more about making money online, and somehow you ended up here, and you’re still hoping.
  3. You’re a competitor and you want to know how I write mails.
  4. You’re a product creator, and you want to know if I write nice things about your product in exchange for that review copy you gave me. (Hahaha, sorry, but no, you can’t pay for my opinion.)
  5. You’re lonely, and just getting a daily email cheers you up, no matter the content.

Did I nail your reason? If not, send me a mail and tell me why you’re here.

Otherwise, I’ll assume that you want to make money online.

What more do you want?

It’s a genuine question. What is your plan? What will you do to start making money?

Read free info on blog posts and emails?

Pay for coaching, but you don’t have the money right now?

Buy $7 products?

Nothing wrong with the latter, although it’s like peeking through a hole in the fence. You’ll only see a small part of the full picture.

That’s great, if you’ve already seen the full picture. Now you can add that $7 brick to the puzzle. But if you’re starting out, it’s like handing you a blue brick and asking you to place it on the table where it’s supposed to be.

You can’t. Am I right about this?

Open your virtual drawer and check how many $7 products you have down there. All good ones. All promising ones. But how much money have YOU made with them? Yesterday I mentioned a product that could have been excellent. I know how to make it excellent, but I have seen the full picture.

Have you? Or are you peeking through holes in the fence?

Granted, it cost a little more to get the whole picture. But it also costs the creator a lot more – time and energy. And how many $7 product creators will answer your questions, such as I do in Malka Club? Very few, I guess.

When you’re ready to actually make money, start here

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