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Before I tell you about a product that could have been great, I’ll share a message I got from a subscriber. He wrote to me about the product I promoted yesterday.

You said “if I’d chosen to have a bigger group of “friends” I would surely have made an income.”So it sounds like this program infers that after you get yourso-called friends, go ahead and spam them.

He added more, but I’ll show you that later. First, I’ll give you my reply to this, because if he had those thoughts, you might have had them, too.

This was my reply:

No, it doesn’t 🙂

It just need a larger group of friends than the 150 I stick to, and Ihope to cut it down even more.

I have mostly friends among my friends. Not people who are interestedin what I’m interested in, like writing fiction, writing nonfiction orinternet marketing.

After his assumption of what the product was I promoted (go ahead and spam your friends), he continued:

So this is yet another example of lack of ethics?

And my reply:

I really think my list is not for you if you believe that I wouldpromote something unethical, without mentioning which parts I foundunethical.

Why am I sharing this with you?

For two reasons:

  1. If every time you read one of my mails, you think: I wonder if this is good/ethical/legal, you really should consider why you’re on my list. I could be wrong, of course. I once promoted a Fiverr course that contained something against Fiverr’s ToS, and I wasn’t aware of that. I stopped promoting Fiverr courses after that.
  2. If I find something bad, illegal, unethical inside a product, I will share that info with you. Why should I hide it?

Really, why?

To make a lousy $7 commission and disappoint you forever?

Do you really think I would find it worth it? Hopefully not.

Oh, by the way, that wasn’t the second reason, but I just went out on a tangent here.

This is the second reason:

Yesterday, I got review access to a product that’s selling like gangbusters eating white-hot hotcakes. (Or something like that.) It’s about how to make money with AdSense.

That course could have been excellent!

But it isn’t. The course is called Madsense Reborn.

I’m sorry. I really like Tom Yevsikov, who’s one of the partners on this product. I don’t know Abdullah Ashraf, who created it, but he seems like a really nice guy. I don’t think he’s bad for doing unethical things. I just think he doesn’t realize that it’s bad.

Okay, so here’s what the course is, and there are some major good parts:

It’s a course showing you how to make money with AdSense on your blog.

So far, so good.

I would have liked an overview video to begin with. Some explanations about what we’re going to do, and why this works. There wasn’t. It’s like driving in the fog and you only see one meter ahead of you.

He shows you a theme he encourages you to buy, because it works well with AdSense he says. The theme looks good. More on that a bit later.

He uses posts that are already showing popularity for content to his blog. And here’s a problem, I think. He shows you how to find those posts, copy them, paste them to your site and give credit to the author. I’m not sure, because he uses a special service to find those posts, but I think it might be illegal or at least unethical to copy and paste like that. But like I said, I’m not sure, because it could be part of the service he uses.

Otherwise, make this part legal and ethical yourself. Get inspiration from the popular posts you see and write your own. From scratch. Or use articles you’re allowed to share, for example from Ezine Articles.

The way he ads those posts to his blog is brilliant! I had no idea how to do that. Now I do.

Then he gives you a secret file. He explains where to upload it, but not what it does. I asked him what it did, and he said “Gives you double ad placement on post page”. He says this is still within AdSense ToS, and I didn’t see an excess of ads on his pages.

Another thing that worried me and others is that the example pages he uses no longer are online. I asked him about it, and he said he flipped those sites and the new owner had taken them down. He shared another site with me to watch instead. It looks really good.

He is no good teacher. He’s doing his best, but he skips explanations, so you’ll have to figure things out for yourself sometimes, like where to find the theme settings he’s talking about. Not too hard, but I wanted you to know about it.

Now back to the theme…

Inside his Facebook group, Abdullah offers a free copy of the theme, if you answer a few questions. I did. And got the theme, but no activation code. Asked about that in the group, Abdullah said that it wasn’t necessary. Another person asked about the rights to this file, and Abdullah said that basically what he did was illegal.

Abdullah illegal


I bet that in his mind, he’s helping a friend (us in the group) with a file, and what’s the harm in that? Well, it’s illegal and unethical, that’s the harm in that.

Hypertargeted traffic

Abdullah uses Facebook ads to get traffic, and I loved how he explained what you should stay away from to avoid getting the famous FB ban.


The core of this course is good. I mean, you get ideas for what will work on a page that creates AdSense income today.

You have to weed out the unethical or illegal stuff, of course.

And it’s a good idea to buy the theme he recommends.

But content-wise, there are golden nuggets in here. You just have to spool them to get the dirt off them.

Note that it’s only available for 48 hours:

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