The poor man’s choice

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How are you doing?

Me, I'm almost fine. And soon it's weekend, so I'm going to relax.

Last night I spoke with one of my friends. He wanted to buy a Microsoft Surface Pro computer with 4 GB RAM. Now, I know that he mainly uses a computer to play World of Warcraft, so I recommended that he got the bigger model with 8 GB RAM. He argued that it cost 300 euro more.

Then I stepped up on my soap box and talked about how poor people save in the wrong places (like buying a cheaper model) and spent in the wrong places (like buying cookies, soft-drinks, and cigarettes). Yeah, I knew all his weak spots and I hit him directly.


Because I care about him. He's a good friend, and he was about to make a decision that would cost him money.

Let's take the two scenarios:

  • He buys the cheaper model (300 euro cheaper he said), but since it's low on RAM, he'll have to buy a new one in a year and pay another 900 euro. Total payment: 1800 euro
  • He buys the more expensive model and pays 1200 now, but he can keep it for two years. Total payment: 1200 euro.

He's going to pay it over 24 terms, and he told me that the difference between the two was 10 euro per month. After my speech, he changed his mind and ordered the more expensive model. He'll receive it tomorrow.

I'm glad he listened, because this is something I've seen in a lot of people. There are some who are always poor, no matter how much money they make. They might not be using more money than rich people, but the way they spend money is different. They never invest. They buy the cheapest model of everything, and then they have to buy new, and new, and new. And every time they buy new, they never buy the best, so they are never really happy about their purchase.

On the other side I see people who spend money on expensive things and always seem to have enough. They are never late with their home payments. They dress well. And they are happy and satisfied.

The rich mindset, and the poor. It goes beyond money.

Anyway, I'm off.

Have a great weekend.

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