Yay! Problem fixed

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Isn’t it wonderful?

You have no idea how much you use the Internet until you use it. Luckily, we had a mobile phone connection, but it’s slower, and we can only use it for 30GB this month. After that, we still have Internet but much, much slower.

So video is out of the question for example. I wanted to learn from a Udemy course I’m on, but then remembered… Nope.

Written stuff is fine. I didn’t fetch my mail, because I was afraid someone had sent me large files. And today I wanted to use Brain.fm to improve my focus. That ate a lot of gigabytes fast.

Then a technician fixed the problem. Phew! He phoned us, and my husband said, “It works!”

He, being typically Israeli, said in a neutral tone of voice, “Yes, I fixed it.”


To us it was close to a miracle. To him it was just part of his job.

But fixing problems is really something magical.

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