Britt Day sick

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For two months, I'd been looking forward to Britt Day, and then I woke up shivering with a fever.

All day, I felt lousy, just wanting to sleep. My husband was so disappointed. He'd fetched delicious breakfast (which I ate), bought champagne (which I drank some of) and cooked my favorite dinner, which I only had a few bites of. I'd hoped to have the left-overs when I felt better, but Nefnef profited from them.

Nefnef is of the conviction that Britt Days and Cyril Days are actually Nefnef Days.

This morning, I felt better, but we lost Internet yesterday, so we're on a phone connection. We should get it back tomorrow evening the latest. And I was still sleepy.

I must confess that I thought of people who had to go to work. Maybe they weren't able to call in sick. Or maybe they were. That was a thing I hated. And here I was and could take another day off with nobody to tell me, “When are you coming back?”

Better yet, I kept making passive income from the books I've written, while I was sick, while I was offline, and while I was drowsy and didn't feel like working.

Is this the kind of life you dream of? (Without the being sick part.)

If so, you should take a look at Malka Club. It's aimed at getting you there, step-by-step. You still need to take action, of course, but you knew that, right? Inside Malka Club you can ask questions and get direct access to me.

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