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Are you on Windows 10? Then you’ve enjoyed their clever “Windows Hello” that recognizes your face, even with morning hair.

Did you know that you can also get a wrist band called Nymi band that works with Windows Hello and measures your pulse? Even if somebody else wears this wrist band, he won’t get access.

Clever, right?

Unless you’re stressed and your pulse is higher than normal. Now, I don’t know if it can compensate, but my husband and I visualized a situation where the user couldn’t get access and got more and more agitated.

Which, in turn, only resulted in a higher pulse.

We visualized a dialogue box saying, “You’re permitted access. Your pulse doesn’t match previous log in attempts. If you’re the rightful owner of this computer, and you want to learn how to lower your pulse, click here.”

You’re clicking like crazy.

“Thank you for your interest in our book ‘How to Lower Your Pulse’. Do you want instant access?”

You’re clicking YES like a frantic person.

“Thank you for your interest in getting instant access to our book ‘How to Lower Your Pulse’. In order to receive the book in the next three minutes, click here to pay $400.”

I bet that’s a great way to sell stuff.

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