I bet that hurt [fast action bonus]

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Do you think that getting on top of the leader-boards is only for marketers with big lists?

Are you postponing your mailing until your list (magically) gets bigger?

Does it frustrate you that you make less than $1 per subscriber?

Ugh! Becoming an Internet marketer means expenses first, income later. And that can be a tough one.

Yes, for sure, I remember how it was to start out and to think that paying $20 per month for an autoresponder was wild luxury. I kept wondering how people could make back that amount of money and turn the expense into an investment. All the while I kept sending weekly mails to my list.

And 10% would open my mails.

Crying and tearing my hair out didn’t help. Only one out of ten opened – argh! What was the matter with people?

Later I discovered that this was normal for people reading English-language emails who are looking to make money online. But I wasn’t used to such low numbers. I wasn’t satisfied either.

Long story short…

I kept experimenting and learning, but it took me years to get it better. I won’t say “right”, because there’s always more to learn. Always.

One of the books I’ve learned from lately is the “6-Figure List Hacks” by Mitali Dey. She’s herself a beginner to Internet marketing, but she’s clever. Instead of spending years figuring it all out herself, she asked people who were already successful.

Not just anybody, though.

The people she asked for help are all honest, ethical, and helpful people who make six figures per year, some of them only with a small list.

Bonus for fast action

Get “6 Figure List Hacks” before 11:59 am EST today, and I’ll offer you my full collection of email tips (MalkaMail Checklists) as a bonus. That’s a $19.97 value, much more than what you’ll pay for Mitali’s two reports. If you’ve already purchased, then you’ll find your bonus after you log into WarriorPlus.

Grab the product and your bonus here http://malka.im/6figurelisthacks

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