My friend felt guilty

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Guilt is a nasty feeling. Criminals have turned themselves in just to free themselves from that feeling.

It wasn’t quite that serious for my friend, but still it was nagging him.

He hadn’t done anything wrong. In fact … that was the problem. He hadn’t done anything.

When I first met him, he wanted to learn how to make money online, and I taught him the method I used myself. That got him started. But when it came to the most important part of building a healthy business, he hesitated.

Somehow this step scares people

And my friend was no exception. Neither was I, by the way. So I know the struggle it takes to overcome this barrier.

You must, though.

His decision to not overcome this hurdle meant that he didn’t make more than pennies once in a while. Only when he got over his fear and did the necessary, did his situation turn around.

He’s now making a living online

As you might have guessed, the thing that scared my friend so much that it delayed his success five years was list-building and email marketing.

And now he loves it!

What made the difference?

Taking that leap of faith makes the difference. Actually doing it and seeing that it doesn’t make you fall over dead. In fact, you might see, like I did, that your list becomes more than just a number of subscribers. You’ll make friends on your list. You’ll meet people who’ll mean something to you.

That is a very nice feeling

There’s a way to help you get over your fear, and that is by learning from people who have. People like Tony Shepherd (I like him and his methods a lot), Martin Avis, Mike Thomas, Richard G Lewis, Paul Mort, Rob Cornish, Jo Barnes, and Paul Nichols.

People you could be proud to call your teachers.

Normally, you would have to pay them a fortune in coaching fees, but today you’re in luck. Mitali Dey has interviewed them and curated an excellent report, filled with golden nuggets that can help you on your way to build a list and send them emails.

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