Test this out with 3000 emails (no?)

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Quiz: Do you learn better from reading or from doing?

Answer: From doing.

Everybody will tell you to “take action”, which is true. Painfully true.

Because taking action means a chance to win … or to fail. And failing hurts. Sometimes a fail can ruin a business.

Do you want to hear what I’ve done over the years to kick out loyal subscribers?

You don’t want to do this at home, but I can tell you that I’ve made my share of blunders and mistakes.

Ugh, they hurt. A lot. Some of the mails I got from disappointed subscribers still pain me to think about.

But even so … It all adds up as experience.

If you want to really test something, you should write daily emails. 3,000 of them. That will give you a nice idea of whether it works or not.

Oh, wait – 3,000 daily mails? That’s roughly 8 years. Do you have to wait 8 years before you’ll know what to do?

Nah. How about taking advantage of some clever men and women who’ve done the mailing for you and freely share their experiences?

Mitali Dey has contacted 9 specialists and asked them how they did. Several of them had small lists and were still making six figures per year. She’s gathered all this intelligence in two reports:

  • One about writing to your list, even a small list.
  • One about building your list with quality subscribers.

Both reports are made based on the expert interviews, and they are excellently curated. You’ll not see the usual “guru” tips, but hacks that work for honest marketers.

They are well worth the price, but know that they sell on a dime-sale, so if you’re interested it’s better to get your copy now than later.

You can click here if you want to learn more http://malka.im/6figurelisthacks

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