How to promote products and make sales

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Happy Sunday 🙂

Here it’s the first day of the week, and I’m slowly getting back into work-mode. It’s not that hard, because I love what I do.

I love it so much that I wish for everyone to reach that state, too, where they can spend their days doing stuff they love doing.

That brings us to one major way of making money online: Promoting products.

How do you do that and make sales?

Everyone can promote products, but not all can turn them into sales. There are all kinds of opinions about how to do it.

I know one marketer, who does coaching for $1,000 per month, who says to use blind copy.

You know, the kind where the marketer writes something general in his mail and pushes his reader to click a link.

I’m NOT a subscriber to that kind of thinking. I want my subscribers to know what I’m promoting.

Therefore I was happy to learn that a lot of real six-figure marketers had the same view as I have. And those are the methods Mitaly Dey shares with us in her “6 Figure List Hacks.”

She’s made the ebook based on interviews with several successful and honest marketers, which is what makes this book so valuable. Oh, and by the way. It’s not written as a transcript of an interview, which can be jarring to read. It’s a fluent and well-written book.

It comes with “6 Figure List Launch Action Plan”, so if you don’t have a list yet, or you want to grow your list, you’ll find out how to do it from her ebook.

Get your hands on both for one low price (dime-sale so hurry) here:

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