How to build a list of buyers without being an expert

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Lie: The money is in the list.

When I started list-building 12 years ago, I heard that you could make $1 per subscriber.

Haha, what a big joke! My list only made me a few cents per subscriber on good months.

Nobody told me that there was a huge difference between a list consisting of freebie seekers and buyers. Why is that?

  • Buyers are more willing to open your mails.
  • Buyers already know your products.
  • Buyers are willing to pay for your products.

That’s all good… but what if you don’t have a product?

What if you feel that you don’t know enough to create a product? All the experts do it, but you’re no expert. (At least not in your mind.)

There are ways to get around that problem and build a responsive list. And one of these ways is laid out in “6 Figure List Launch Action Plan”.

That book is written by someone who’s not an expert herself. Hehe, I had to help her with things like adding a launch time to her JV page, and I had to remind her to approve affiliates. And yet, this is one of the best products I’ve seen in a long time.

It’s well written and it contains valuable knowledge that you can use to build a responsive list (for little or no money) and start making money yourself. The method will work for almost any niche.

Get both “6 Figure List Hacks” and “6 Figure List Launch Action Plan” here:

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