Don’t you wish you could ask the experts?

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You know there are six-figure marketers out there. But how are they doing it?

What tips are they using that makes a difference between unopened mails and sales?

Don’t you wish you could ask them?

A while ago, I was contacted on Facebook by Mitali Dey. I didn’t know her, but she was a customer of mine, and she was planning a launch of her own product now.

It turns out that Mitali wasn’t satisfied with wishing, just like the rest of us. She found a number of six-figure marketers and asked them directly about their secrets.

You can see the list of marketers on her sales page, and here’s the thing:

She’s found marketers who are the real thing. Not those go-go-go click here on my blind link type of guys, but marketers who care about their lists and get great results.

I love that!

We have too many email marketers who don’t give a poop about their list and don’t even see them as individual persons, just as cash cows. Ugh 🙁

These marketers care, and they answered her questions. She’s now written a report with their tips, tricks, and hacks, and she’s sharing them with the rest of us.

I really enjoyed reading and learning from her report.

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