Cord blew up in my face

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Yesterday morning, I woke up early, but was too sleepy to get up. So I just lay in bed, staring ahead of me without really seeing anything.

Until the wire blew up in my face.

Under my nightstand, I have an extension cord with 6 sockets, and our heater caused a minor explosion of the plug.

Nobody was hurt, but it certainly made me wide awake.

This is the type of explosion you should avoid. Others are more pleasant, and if you can create a traffic explosion, causing real money to be made, wouldn’t that be nice?

Today, I reviewed a product called Tube Rank Explosion, and in spite of its name, the video course is not only about ranking videos. It’s also about picking the right products to promote, and how to promote them with videos.

This is a great product, both if you’re a new marketer and if you’re more experienced. You’ll learn how to rank your videos and make money with them.

I highly recommend getting the upsells as well. The first one is a case study showing how Lenny Rowell ranked his video and made over $700 with it, and I really loved that one.

It’s one thing to learn how things work in theory. It’s quite another to see a real-life example. There’s a lot to learn.

The second upsell is about how to use YouTube ads, and how you can do that without even making your own videos. This is awesome knowledge to have, because YouTube ads get seen, and they are not as expensive as a lot of other ads.

Great course, clear explanations, short and to the point videos. I highly recommend it, if you want to make money online.

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