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I came up with this idea, and now I’m sharing it with you.

But first, two questions from subscribers. You might have wondered about the same ones.

The questions are related to “Rapid Income Trigger”, the product I used to make $205.11 with myself, with 24 minutes of work and within a little over 25 hours.

Not bad, I say 🙂

Here are the questions and my replies:

“Does this only work in the IM niche? Looks like all his payment examples are from there.”

No, it will work for other niches. As long as you can find products topromote as an affiliate, it will work.

I’m not sure you can make as much outside of IM, though. Maybe… Imade a little under $100 in the IT niche years ago, so maybe…

“Do you need autoreponsder for this course?”

No. If you use the extra method he shares in his bonus video, you don’t need an autoresponder.

The secret bonus

Jason Fulton shows you different ways you can make $100 daily.

Here’s an extra one for free.

Use his method for writing emails, and check the sources he mentions for finding upcoming launches.

You’ll see that a lot of these vendors haven’t create swipe files for their affiliates yet.

Offer to do it for a fee.

This should easily be able to bring in $1 per word.

(You could also write articles on iWriter for $1 – for 300 words.)

Your choice 🙂

Start making $50 – $100 per day now ==> http://malka.im/rapidincometrigger

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