Your 2017 internet marketing resolution

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I just realized that there’s one thing I’ve done in my business, from the beginning, which probably made all the difference to me.

Whenever I invested in something – money or time – I always made it a goal to make my investment back.

Why am I thinking of that? Because I just ordered a writing gadget and invested $549.05.

I want my money back!

No, I’m not asking for a refund. I rarely do. I want it to be a worthy investment and within a few months from now, I want to be able to say: If I hadn’t bought it, I wouldn’t have made these $1,000.

I’ve done that previously with info products, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and time I spent on learning PHP, writing, and other skills.

My end goal is always to make my money back.

Please, for the sake of your business, make that your new year’s resolution, too. Always make your money/time back.

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