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Remember a few years ago, how you could write articles, and turn them into profit?

You could submit them to places like Ezine Articles and get new leads on your list. Or even sell products by sending prospects to your sales page.

Back then, you would typically look up keywords and then write an article about it and get traffic. Google ruined this business with a change in their algorithm, and that was it. No more article marketing.

Except, now things have gotten better.

Instead of guessing what readers wanted to read, you can have people asking you, requesting your reply, and you can write exactly what they want to know AND get traffic to your site for free.

When people tell you what to write about – instead of you doing the guesswork – you’re more likely to get viewers and a click-through to your link.

How is that possible?

Nish Sharma shows how to do that in easy-to-understand step-by-step videos.

I wouldn’t recommend using the hack he shows in video 3, though. I don’t like it.

Does it include work?

While writing articles was hard work for most people, this way to get traffic requires you to do some writing, but it’s not nearly as demanding as writing articles.

When you submitted to Ezine Articles, your work had to go through different validation processes, and your article could get rejected for all kinds of strange reasons.

This is not the case here. What you write will go online instantly.

Can you really get traffic?

Yes, the proof is in the numbers on the sales page. I watched the videos yesterday afternoon, but I haven’t had time to try out the method myself yet. It seems like a good, solid way to get targeted and free traffic, though. And that’s whether you’re monetizing your page, or whether you want more subscribers to your list, or you simply want direct sales. I instantly recommended the product to a friend.

Are there upsells?

Yes, there are. You can have a lot of the work done for you, if you should wish to grab the upsells.

Major tip: Click “no thanks” to the upsell when it first shows up, and you’ll get a discount on the second window. Don’t tell anyone I told you. I’ll probably not be popular with the vendors, but I don’t want you to waste money that could have been saved.

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