Make emails your playground

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Who else wants boring emails?


Me neither.

So why don’t we all play around with our emails?

Today, I discovered a tool that makes it easy.

You can use it to add personalized images (adding the receiver’s name to the image for example).

You can add surveys and when the subscriber clicks he’ll be redirected to a URL of your choice.

You can add video directly to your mails.

And you can add a countdown counter (is that a word?) to count down to the end of your deal, or the end of your free book, or even make evergreen counters.

Pretty cool, that tool 🙂

But it’s only available for a week.

Let me show you some quick examples. Here’s a kitten I drew yesterday:

Click Allow Images to see Image

And here’s a question for you:


Are you in NaNoWriMo 2016?

Yes No


When will NaNoWriMo end? Check it here:

And if you want your readers’ opinion about your latest book, you can ask them, and depending on how many stars (I chose hearts here) they give, you can decide where they should go, directly from your email:


Did you enjoy my latest romance?



Finally, here’s a video.

I’ve seen one tool previously that did only the images and it cost the same as this tool, which does four different things. So it’s a really good deal. I’m buying this myself, because I only have a shared affiliate access.

Check out what Email Tools does here:

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