Desktop autoresponder? Email Jeet 2.0 Review

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Can you do email marketing from your desktop?

With a stand-alone mailer?

Well, that’s how I started out many years ago (around 2004).

I used my mail client, strong filters, perl code (don’t ask!), text files and some clever download routines. I wouldn’t now how to set that up today.

But since then I’ve used the traditional autoresponder, like AWeber, and self-hosted. The latter means that I have to install a script and run the autoreponder from one of my domains.

I don’t mind – in fact, I like it, but if you’re new to marketing, you might not want to do the same.

When I heard about a low-priced alternative, a program, you install on your computer, I was very interested.

Desktop Version

The autoresponder is called Email Jeet, and it’s created by Cyril Gupta.

I got review access to it yesterday, installed it, imported a list of subscribers and sent a mail.

There is a lot to say about this program.



First of all, it’s easy to install, and I was up and running without even checking the tutorials.

You can import subscribers from a text file or a csv file.

It’s easy to set up SMTP connections to send the mails, and it was very fast to send the mails.

There’s a built-in WYSIWYG editor, making it easy to format your mails.

You can schedule mails or send immediately.

You can use your webhost’s SMTP, an SMTP service like SendGrid, or even the built-in SMTP server.


The mail showed my email as sender, not my name.

You cannot mail non-openers again, and you cannot mail one list and remove members of another list.

There is no personification – meaning you cannot write "Hi [sub_fname]" and have the mailer insert the name.

You can only add new subscribers by importing files, not by adding a single new subscriber.

There are templates, but you cannot add your own, and the text you write, doesn’t show up on Preview, if you use a template.

You can, though, create a full HTML mail and upload it as a template, and it will work. That’s what I did yesterday.

You can’t set up a mail sequence to go out depending on when people sign up. Only broadcast.

You can create mailing lists, but not tag subscribers.


You won’t see many professional marketers use this – promote it, yes, no doubt. I would love to see Cyril Gupta’s own mail today to see if he’s using it.

For a beginner to email marketing, I think it’s an okay solution. Low-priced, one time payment, and you can export your list later, when you outgrow Email jeet 2.

For advanced marketers it can be handy for a quick mail now and then. I used it for such a mail yesterday, where it came handy, because I could combine two very different mailing lists, but otherwise I wouldn’t use it.

Otherwise, it seems like a fine, stable and working solution.

If you qualify as new to email marketing, take a look here:

2 thoughts on “Desktop autoresponder? Email Jeet 2.0 Review”

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for giving me your feedback about Email Jeet. I will address them in the next release of Email Jeet.

    Btw.. You can actually have subscriber names replaced. The format is {{name}}


    1. Thanks, Cyril

      How on earth did you find this post? It’s more than five years old 😀

      Good to know that you can use {{name}}. I wonder why I didn’t figure that one out.

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