Nefnef snubbing her chance

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On our way to the park today, Nefnef and I passed a photographer and a bride.

We see them all the time. The married couple have their pictures taken outside Bay Club or in the park.

The photographer called out to us, asking if he could borrow the dog for a moment for some pictures.

My dog, famous? 😀

Why not?

So I headed in direction of Bay Club with Nefnef on the leash.

Except my dog found this a bad idea, so close to her tree… So she put down her front paws, scratching furrows on the ground in perfect comic book style and refused.

Oh, well, fame will be for another time then.

But it’s funny how being in a photo or a video matters, isn’t it?

I told my husband, Cyril (not that I have other husbands than him), years ago to do podcasts, and later video podcasts.

He’s getting new clients daily, selling books on CreateSpace and from his blog, mainly because of his presence on the web. And especially from media that includes sound and video.

Yeah, that’s ten years he’s been doing it.

Today, things are a lot easier than back in 2006.

You can use services like Periscope or SnapCat or similar and make fame and fortune.

This is absolutely worth checking out, and I’ve set up a course that shows you how you can do it.

No fur nor furrows.

Put your paws in the air and say ‘yay’ to this ==>

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