What’s So Good About Adding Buyers to Your List

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Why Buyer Leads Are Best

Right now I’m in the middle of a product launch, following the 30 Days to $10,000 Challenge by Tom Glover. So I’m adding buyers to my list.

That’s a good thing. You probably already know. And you’ve probably learned that it means that these people are more than tire-kickers. They are action takers.

At least when it comes to the action of grabbing their credit card and pay for a product.

I’v been thinking about it, though, and this is far from the only thing we know about buyers.

Have you considered this?

How did these people end up on your sales page?

They didn’t merely follow a hunch and by chance typed in the exact URL to get there.

They might have seen it on WarriorForum, of course, but in most cases people get to your sales page, because an affiliate told them about it.

That means that they have opened and read a mail.

[Tweet “When you’re building a buyers’ list, you’re also building a list of mail-openers.”]

This is so important, because if your subscribers don’t open your mails, they won’t read them, and they wont take action according to their content.

When you build a list of openers, you can build a relationship with these people. You can build trust. You can make new friends. And you can make more sales and more money.

Launching a product and selling it, means capturing the names and email addresses of buyers – and of mail openers.

This is by far the best list you can build.

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