[WordPress plugin] Question + 100 Amazon posts in 2 mins

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After I sent the below mail, I got a great question from a subscriber.

"Tempted by this one. Hmmmm….

Can you alter the words in posts so they're not the same on every site?"

This was my answer:

Oh, yes, manually, right? You can't do "spinning" codes in the plugin, but every post is a normal post and you can edit, add…

Here's a picture I just took:

Editable text
Editable text

And here's my original mail in case you didn't get it.

Two minutes and one second… I timed it.

My working time was only a few seconds. The rest of the time I just waited for the WordPress plugin to get the information it needed to create the 100 posts.

How awesome is that?

>> Grab Associate Goliath here <<

Associate Goliath is a new plugin by George Katsoudas.

It's very easy to install and to use.

When you want to add Amazon posts to your blog, you just have to feed the plugin with a keyword or a category, and decide how many posts you want, and if you want them all now or drip feed over a week.

I've tried both, as you can see on http://malkafox.com/

All the "leather flip-flops" are posted at once, while the "portable airconditioners" and "MosquitNo" items will be dripfed over time.

Look, how easy it is:

Associate Goliath
Associate Goliath

I think the above pictures says it all – that's how easily you can populate your blog with relevant posts.

And I love that you can use this plugin on any WordPress blog. It doesn't have to be empty. That means that you can write your normal blog posts, and do five Amazon posts, or just go wild and post 100 posts. It's up to you.

I questioned George about the "max 100 posts" things. It just means that you can do max 100 posts about that keyword. You can do this as many times as you like.

Get this if you want to add an income source to your blogs.

==> http://malka.im/associategoliath

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