[One Step at a Time #4] Make money on demand

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Today, I’m going to talk about Sara Young’s “Income Steps Academy” and what’s so special about that.

I’m going to touch upon topics like:

  • Who’s Sara Young and what forced her breakthrough? (think gun to her head).
  • What does “Income Steps Academy” teach?
  • Does it work? (I mean, income claims are everywhere, right?)

Mother of seven with a gun to her head

Back in 2008 or 2009, Sara Young was struggling on the Internet, doing what everybody else was doing:

Buying shiny new objects.

That didn’t bring in a lot of money (LOL) and her husband said to her:

“Maybe you should get a job?”

If you’ve had a taste of freedom, you know EXACTLY how scary such a suggestion is.

And it was the kick in the butt Sara needed to come up with something that worked.

Sara Young
Sara Young

Fast forward to 2015

What worked in 2010, doesn’t work the same way in 2015, and Sara stopped selling her old flagship, “Easy Paycheck Formula”.

It is important for her to help her students make money, and some of her values are:

  • It has to be something she’s doing herself. Not something theoretical.
  • Her students has to be able to make money almost instantly after joining the course. At least, within the first month. Because that builds their confidence.

She also found that teaching students how to do six figure launches, before they’d made their first dollars online, scared them. And scared students are like deers in the headlight – they freeze on the spot. (And get run over by a truck?)

That resulted in “Income Steps Academy”.

What does “Income Steps Academy” teach?

Sara learned from experience, and “Income Steps Academy” teaches her students how to go from 0 to thousands in several income steps.

  • Step 1 (and you can do this your first month) goes from 0 to $500. It’s called “money on demand” – and I tested it, and guess what? made money 🙂
  • Step 2 is about passive income. There’s no income limit here, really. Goal: $500 per month in PASSIVE income.
  • Step 3 Oh hoooo 🙂 Yummy. Email riches. Goal is $1,000 per month. How Sara made $14,452 in 14 days with just 3 emails. Her way of doing email marketing is in harmony with my own, by the way, and even a small list counts. I’ve made $1,136,03 in three days with a list of 67 subscribers.
  • Step 4 is called Traffic Growth. The goal is $3,000 per month.

At the end of each module Sara has this:

She’ll ask you the question:

  • Did you make money? Yes or No.

If “yes”, then you’ll get a gift.

If “no”, then you get a link to her help desk, and she’ll find a way to help you to make money.

That’s it.

“Failure is not an option!”

Exclusive access for you because you’re on my list

So far, Sara have only accepted her own list members. Or been doing webinars to invite new students.

But since I know Sara, I asked her for a backdoor, and she set it up for me.

So here’s your special link:

==> http://malka.im/isa

This course has my full endorsement.

Sure, it costs more than the usual $7 you can get bright shiny new objects for. But as you’ll see, it also covers a completely different ground.

This is the real thing.

No BS.

No “spend-$100-on-ads-and-pray-for-your-cpa-to-make-money-like-gang-busters”.

No “make-millions-by-pushing-this-red-button”.

It’s the real thing, and it teaches you everything you need to build a real business online.

It is definitely worth the investment.

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