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In Blogger you can choose from different templates, or you can find some on the net to use inside Blogger.

Search for Blogger Themes or Templates in Google.

You should look for simple themes. Simple themes bring in more money.

Never choose a black background behind white text. It’s so hard for the eyes to read, and it’s also a signal of a different type of site, like a Goth site, Hard Rock, World of Warcraft etc. A light background and dark text is better.

Wow, I just found this on a search: http://www.eblogtemplates.com/ads-theme-blogger/

I know what you are thinking – this might not be the most pretty template out there, but we do not care about a pretty site, just a nice site that bring in money. It actually has room for ads in the right places and in the right format and size. I’ll definately use it myself on a blogger blog.

The theme/template should never steal away the interest from the content – the text and the ads.

More about ads later, but one golden rule – make them invisible. They must not stick out from the surroundings. Don’t worry too much about it now, I’ll tell you more in a lesson. Or if you have $10, you really should get the best book there is on the subject, print it out and read it. I did. I went from having earned nothing or almost nothing for 4 months, to earning $3 per day, later moving up, up, up, and now it’s between 35-40 dollars per day. Mostly thanks to this book. And at that time, I actually payed $97 for the book, but only regretted one thing: That I haven’t done so earlier!

You’ll find the book here, if you are interested and can afford it: http://www.netpenge.info/anbefaler/adsensesecrets – it seems it’s for free now, but I’m not sure of which conditions.

6 thoughts on “5 – Templates”

  1. Hi Britt
    I have the book in question but i have to admit that i now feel a little bogged under by the scale of the work involved. Little steps i guess. I am working my way through it slowly and it throws up some interesting things not all of which i understand. This is going to take some time. I shall continue to write in by blog daily and hopefully address the issues that the book raises.


  2. Hi have visited the site for the template but am having trouble downloading the template. Every time I try it asks me to login or says the page is not available. I have tried other templates and they all say the same which is frustrating. Any advice, is the site broken or under maintenance?

  3. Hi Christie

    I’m all in for baby steps, but since you went ahead of me, I felt I had to give you some more info 😛

    If you don’t use the template, I found, then you might be better off waiting a little longer with the AdSense ads.

    I had a little bit of trouble downloading the template too, but after a few tries, I got it.

    You can get it at: http://brittmalka.com/foxi/ads-theme-blogger.zip

    Take you time, continue to write, and report back when you are ready to learn more.

  4. The template is fantastic, I need to figure out how to manipulate it properly & add the affilliates i have (Blockbusters & MoviesNow).

    I will be purchasing a domain name once i have a decent archive of reviews. Would you recommend this or should I wait?

  5. Wait a bit – because with a domaine you also have to buy webhosting. This will cost about $100 for a year or two.

    When you go ahead, I can recomend Dreamhost.com – you get a free domain, when you host with them. We have been satisfied with them.

    Use the promo code MALKA to get $50 off the price.

    But I think you should perhaps another month.

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