How much did they make with a video? [SV #6]

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Do you remember when a video player was as big as three shoeboxes, and you could only play video tapes with it, not record?

Today, you can both record and play videos with your phone.

Technology has brought us far.

Still, it impresses me when I see something new, like this site, called SociVids:

>> Take a look at this amazing tool that does the impossible <<

You can use SociVids with your own videos or anybody's video (make sure you use it ethically, of course).

I wish I could remember the exact numbers, but I saw two examples of people, making a lot of money, just by using video and SociVids.

And with "a lot" I mean – it was around $60K or so.

They sold affiliate products directly from the video and got traffic from FB ads.

With SociVids you can invite people to:

  • Click your link and buy a product (your own product or an affiliate product).
  • Sign up for your list.
  • Click and buy directly from inside a video.

The price is still low if you get in today:


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