Live demo of new tool now [SV #4]

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I don't like Facebook, but I have to admit that people are gathering there.

Over time, Facebook have changed their rules and their way of treating posts and links and stuff.

In fact:

Facebook wants you to stay on their site

I can't blame them. If I've spend a lot of energy, getting traffic to my blog, the next thing I'll work on is making them stay.

Now, the case Facebook is a bit special, because…

  • Not only does Facebook want people to stay.
  • But people also want to stay on Facebook (understand this or not).

This makes it harder for marketers who want people to go FROM Facebook and TO their product.

What if you could do both at the same time?

Have your cake and eat it?

Get people from Facebook and to your product (or list) AND stay on Facebook?

That is possible thanks to this tool – and you can see a live demo 30 minutes from now (10 am EST).

Let me tell you two things about the live demo:

  • It will be good.
  • It doesn't lead to some expensive product you have to buy.

In fact, you'll get a 5 dollar coupon code if you join, and the product you'll see is available for as little as $17 (minus discount) for the next few hours.

Sign up here to watch what it can do for you:


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