Ask your subconscious for ideas to make money online [SV #1]

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In Denmark, there was a very popular movie series called "Olsen Banden" (The Olsen Gang?)

The Olsen Gang consisted of three criminal guys. The brain behind their crimes were Egon Olsen.

The two other members were Egon (big admirer of Egon) and Kjeld (a fat, scared guy, scared of everything, especially his wife).

Each movie followed the same theme:

Egon would come out of jail with a new plan for the perfect coup.

The gang would need start-up money, and Egon had a plan. This first plan always succeeded, and they got their money.

Then the big plan – they always ran into a number of obstacles, and if the plan succeeded, then at the last moment the money were stolen from them.

And each movie ended with Egon going to jail, the other two escaping each time.

Why do I tell you about these movies?

Because it’s much easier to make a small coup work than a big one.

You don’t have to ask your brains or subconscious to come up with a million dollar idea.

Ask instead for a $10 idea.

When you got it, test it, tweak it, and let it run.

Ask for another idea. Do the same.

After a while you have a stream of small income sources, which makes you less vulnerable and brings you a lot of money, when you count it all together.

In the following days I’ll tell you more about such ways to make money that can end up in big streams, in fact.

And I’m going to tell you about something else – a thing I know I’ve been struggling with myself.

See you tomorrow.

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