[Writing] Did you just hatch a new idea?

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Don’t you just hate it when it happens?

You get a new brilliant idea, and you know it will make you money, maybe even bring fame and glory.


Well, then you’re not working full-time on other projects, sleeping 6-8 hours per day, and you don’t have friends, family or pets.

For the rest of us, coming up with a new idea means one of two things:

  • Getting rid of an old idea.
  • Finding time somewhere to fit more into our already busy daily life.

I’m good at skipping ideas that don’t work, but I hate getting rid of working ideas, just because there aren’t enough hours in the day to turn them all into reality.

And what if you just can’t squeeze more time out of your awaken hours?

If you’ve already outsourced everything from cleaning the house, to doing your taxes, over cooking, setting up sites, and more?

What then?

When all that’s left is you?

You and the challenge you face of working on this new idea.

There is a solution (and you knew it all along, didn’t you?).

See you tomorrow.

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