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I'm writing this mail later than expected, but I just finished brainstorming some fiction ideas with my friend.

We needed one and came up with three 😀 Well, two will be for later, but still…

How do you write more words?

Some people swear to Dragon-software, but if you want to be really creative, then it's actually better to write than to talk. Something about neuropsychology and the centers in the brain.

Learning to touch-type has been one of the best things I've done. I can write faster than I dictate to any program, besides the fact that I would be doing a lot of erm, uh, ho, and other stuff, if I had to talk my way through a book.

What more?

Learn the techniques – like the one Rob is launching tomorrow.

He launched KD Word Blazer a couple of years ago, and now he's updated it according to his latest — crazy — record of more than 19K words in 9 hours.

Two things, though…

I promoted the first version and liked it. I like the second version.

But Rob talks about more than just writing inside his report. There are other ways to save time.

And he saves a good piece of time by being a programmer and knowing how to create a program.

I used to be able to manage PHP and even a little Basic, but that's it. So I couldn't rely on my own handywomanship. That's why I've found especially one other way to save a huge amount of time, and I'll share that with you as a bonus.

I'll also share with you a way to organize research (another thing Rob briefly mentions).


So tomorrow I can give you a link to Rob's method, the one he used to write more than 19,000 words in 9 hours.

Plus my two bonuses.


Oh, and if you just got Ryan Leonard's product about 25 minute fiction, then you might already be writing as fast as you can. Rob's method is different, and he explains it in a different way, but there are similarities.

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