[Writing] Rob wrote 19,812 words in 9 hours (wanna know how?)

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Ever since I started to make money online, my main tool was writing.

It didn’t matter whether I resold software, or aimed at getting clicks on ads. It was through my writing that money started to manifest.

I wrote articles, blog posts, emails, books, home pages… I wrote, because that’s what I do best, and because it served my purpose.

In the beginning, videos were out of the question. After YouTube I could have used that platform as well, but my purpose has changed since then. Now I also write fiction.

Sure, there are other ways to make online, but I still think writing is the best.

The more you write, the more money you can make.

It’s simple, really: Write more – earn more

But how do you write more?

Well, Rob Howard is a funny guy, and he does what many of us don’t.

He kept pacing himself and challenging himself.

He’d already reached a top level of speed and written about it in KD Word Blazer version 1, but he wanted more. (You get that as a bonus when you buy his latest product, by the way.)

So he kept testing new ideas until he found one that increased his reading speed.

Then he wanted to know if it was only a fluke or … And wrote a whole book just to get an answer to that question.

19,812 words in 9 hours


Rob’s technique is not just aimed on the writing itself, but on the whole process, that is:

  • What he did in the research.
  • How he planned the writing.
  • What he did before writing.
  • What he did while writing.
  • What he does in the editing phase.

It’s all part of how to write faster. And he explains all that in his updated KD Word Blazer report, called KD Word Blazer: Redux that you can get here:

==> http://malka.im/wordblazer2

As I said, you get his first version with this one, and the two combined – well, it’s dynamite. It sets your writing on fire and sends your word-count through the roof.

How to get my bonus

Yesterday, I told you that there were two things I could help you with which is not addressed in the report.

  1. Rob creates his own programs, when he needs timesavers. Most of us cannot do that. I’ve found especially one other way to save a huge amount of time, and I’ll share that with you as a bonus called "Little Time Savers".

  2. I’ll also share with you a way to organize research (another thing Rob briefly mentions).

You get the my bonus by purchasing Rob’s KD Word Blazer: Redux through my link and then opening a ticket at my support desk at http://MalkaSupport.com and then copy and paste your receipt into a new ticket. Then I’ll give you a download link to grab your bonus.

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