Friday, I almost died

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Yeah, no kidding! That Friday a couple of months ago was a tough day for me.

First, I was having breakfast, eating my toast with cheese.

Some people swallow their food whole. I don’t. I chew it carefully. But something went wrong and I could feel this tiny crumble go into my windpipe.

I coughed, and coughed some more, and the more I coughed, the more my throat swelled up and it became harder and harder to breathe.

With an effort, I controlled my coughing and started to TRY to breathe instead. It sounded like a whale laughing… but I got a little oxygen.

After a few minutes I could breathe almost normally again. But it wasn’t an experience I would love to try again.

Later, I cleaned the kitchen and got an electrical shock when I removed the cord from the stove with wet hands (yeah, stupid) and when I took a shower, I accidentally turned on too much heat to the water, so I almost boiled myself.

You know what? When I gave my dog, Nefnef, her ice cube (she loves them) I was very careful about where I stepped.

This reminds me of the film "Fallen" from 1998. Have you seen it? I’ve seen it several times and it’s fascinating.

In short, a killer is executed, but he’s singing a song in the gas chamber. Later on, people around detective John Hobbes start to sing the same song and what’s more… the murders Reese was executed for start again – the killer using the same method.

The reason why I thought of this movie was that it start with this line:

"I wanna tell you about the time I almost died…"

The narrator is Azazel and he has a spooky story to tell. I won’t spoil it. It’s filled with surprises and it’s a film you’ll never forget.

There are good and bad things like that, aren’t there? Things, you’ll never forget.

Like the first kiss.

The first time you saw your spouse.

The first dollar you make online.

Or the first product you create.

Yes, that’s a special moment, and tomorrow I’ll tell you more about why having a product could change your life.

Even if you’ve never created a product before and don’t think you can do it.

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