[Affiliate Marketing] Learn from the best for free (1/3)

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I’ve taken up my habit of reading for 30 minutes outside on the balcony in the morning. Nefnef loves it. She looks after cats. She wants to play with them, but they aren’t as interested as she is. They’ve figured out that she isn’t dangerous, though.

Today, I read the end of a novella (for pleasure) but just as often I read non-fiction and learn more about writing, doing affiliate marketing or other.

Did you know that I began with affiliate marketing in 1995?

This is why I got started…

I created a book keeping company (and why you should care)

I had quit my day-job. I loved to write so the logical thing to do was to start a book keeping company, right?

Probably not, but sometimes you have to zigzag to reach your goal.

I had a councilor who was a very clever guy. He gave me advice that maybe is 80% responsible for where I am today.

One of the first things he told me was how I could get the software and office things I needed cheaper or even free.

Become a reseller, he said. Back then, the word "affiliate" wasn’t heard of in Denmark.

So I became a reseller, and thus got access to everything I needed for a fraction of the price other paid.

Become an affiliate

As you know, I never promote things I haven’t seen (unless it’s something taking place in the future, and I trust the creator).

So when I’m approached by product creators, I ask them for a review copy, if they haven’t already offered one themselves.

Thanks to that method, I’ve learned from the best people out there – for free.

Now the problem as a new affiliate…

Some product creators aren’t crazy about giving review copies to newbies.

They want some kind of proof first that you won’t just use it for your own good, but actually (if you like it) promote the stuff to a list or on your blog.

And that can be hard to prove, if you’re just starting out.

There are two ways beginners can use to learn for free, and I’ll tell you about the first one tomorrow, and the second one Saturday.

So keep an eye out for my mails or this blog.

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