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Do you know the French cartoonist Marcel Gotlib?

He was the one who made me understand how much we humans need to see things before we understand.

In one of his cartoons he shows a man and a woman in a restaurant, both hidden behind huge menu cards, and their conversation (from memory) goes like this:

Man: I think I want the steak escalope with salad, tomatoes and french fries.

Woman: Where do you see that?

Man: Menu #13 at the bottom of page 2. (Points to the menu.)

Woman: Oh… I think I want the barbecued trout with butter potatoes and parsley.

Man: Where do you see that?

Me: See?

Seeing often equals understanding. Especially when it comes to theory.

We want examples

For me that’s true at least. I want examples, before I understand theory better.

You know what?

The best kind of examples you can get are the ones you come up with yourself, of course.

The second best is learning from others.

Here’s an example:

If somebody told you about a method that works, you might go, “I want to see an example.”

And when you’ve seen one example, you feel more confident that you can go on by yourself.

Three Live Case Studies

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In all three case studies you will see the how the Scientific Method is used (step by step) and what the results were.

You can learn from those. Allow yourself to be inspired from them and take action.

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I’m totally in love with this method, and you should be, too, because it leads to results.

So many possibilities 🙂

Best regards,
Britt Malka

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