[Brain Gym #1] Guess what this is

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What makes you wake up?

How do you jump-start your brain?

This morning, my husband, Cyril, brought me a delicious mug of home roasted, home ground, home brewed coffee, and I thought, “How else do people get their brains in swing?”

Now, here’s one that might work for you. It will give your grey matter a wake-up call and it will help your business, too.

Question: What do the rich Internet marketers do differently from others who make little or no money?

What does the rich online guy/gal do differently?

What does the rich online guy/gal do differently?

It might NOT be the first answer that comes to mind.

Normally, that’s the right one, because it comes directly from the subconscious. But in this case, we’re so trained with the “right” answer that you might get something like:

  • He takes action.
  • He is persistent.

Both are right, but it’s not all.

If you’ve listened to Eric Louviere, an Internet millionaire, you might also mention:

He does uncomfortable things.

That’s right too.

And maybe you’re thinking:

  • He records videos.
  • He interviews other rich people.
  • He studies rich people.

Which could all be part of the right answer.

Of course, there’s only one 😉 My answer.

You have 24 hours to come up with it.

You’ll have the answer in tomorrow’s mail – for free 😉

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