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I stumbled upon Xomba by accident one day, when I was searching for some information online.

What I found was more than just the information I wanted.  I also found a neat and creative way to make some extra money online.

Xomba Pay You for Writing

Xomba will pay you for writing for them.

You will not get a fixed priced for an article, but you’ll be able to add Google AdSense to your articles, and those will be shown in rotation with Xomba themselves.

Whenever one of your ads is clicked, you’ll earn the money.

This method is far from being unique.  You might argue that if you set up a Blogger blog, you’ll earn your full share of the AdSense clicks yourself (which is correct) but there is more to Xomba than this.

Referral Program

If you refer Xomba to your friends, and they start making money from this site, you’ll also be paid 10% of their ad revenue.

So you could, in fact, be making money without writing a single post yourself, but if only your friends are active.

But remember – the more active you are, the more money you’ll likely make.

Articles and Links

There are two types of content which you can add to Xomba.  One is complete articles; the other is links.

So, if you find some interesting pages, you can link to them from Xomba, give them a short description and make some money from them.

Make Money with YouTube Videos on Xomba

You couldn’t ask for an easier task than this.

Find an interesting YouTube video, and write a short summary about it.  Add a keyword rich title, and embed the video below the summary.

Submit the article, after you’ve made sure that it contains at least 100 words.  Those are easily written, especially since you don’t have to do any research.  It’s all done for you in the video.

Why is this a smart move?

For several reasons.

First of all, you’ll never run dry of subjects about which to write.  It’s so easy to find videos relative to your topic on YouTube; to seek out a good one; watch it; note down the main issues and then write a short résumé.

Secondly, the search engines are not able to search inside a video – as yet.  But, if you write about it, your text is then searchable.  You will then acquire related ads, and your article can be found in the search engines.

Thirdly, it saves you time, since you don’t have to do any research.  You just write about that which you see and hear on the video.

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